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Guest Golf Cart Rental Terms:

  • Rental Fee (plus security deposit) to be paid in advance (no later than day of arrival)

  • Must be paid via Venmo. Please allow 24-hours for confirmation and instructions.

  • Requires a $50 REFUNDABLE Security Deposit

  • Renter is responsible for any damage to golf cart that exceeds security deposit

  • Renter is responsible for returning the cart to the storage location, locking it up when not in use and for ‘recharging’ batteries (allow 4-6 hrs. between uses)

  • Renter is responsible for returning cart key to original location prior to departure

  • Owner is not responsible, nor liable for any personal injury nor property damage that may result from Renter’s use of the golf cart – Renter assumes full responsibility of any resultant damages to self, passengers, all properties or any others.

    • Weekends: Rental Includes up to 3 Days​

    • Weekly: Rental Includes up to 8 Days

    • Monthly: Rental Includes up to 28 Days

Process (Easy as 1,2,3):

1.    Fill Out Golf Cart Rental Form.

2.    Venmo (Rental Fee plus $50 Depost) to QR Code Below.

2.    Receive Lock Combination and Cart Key Location via email confirmation (Prior to Stay)

3.    Receive deposit refund via Venmo (Within 3 Days of Departure).

Note: If any questions regarding lock combination, cart key location, or anything related to rental of the Cart – please reach out directly to Brent at 425.273-6851 (text or VM).

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